Disbursement of Disability Common Fund

In the course of the period, the Disability Fund Management Committee sat and made a decision regarding the disbursement of the disability common fund for the period. The Committee made decisions, for Assembly to implement as below;

  1. A total of Forty-Three (43) PWDs were approved to receive various inputs to a sum of about Fifty-Seven Thousand cedis (GHc 57,000.00) to enhance their Livelihood activities

These inputs capital include Chest Freezers, 3 Sheep each, Petty Traders wares (salt, sugar, etc), completing of Metal Containers, farm inputs, and Mobility devices like Tri- Cycles

  • Educational support; support some PWDs attending various Tertiary institutions with GHc 1,500.00 each towards their educational expenses.

However, 39 PWDs received various support from the Assembly and the breakdown is as below

  • 4 students attending various Tertiary Institutions received Ghc 1,500.00 each
  • 8 supported with 3 sheep each
  • 4 received  chest Freezers each
  • 2 Tri Cycles for 2 PWDs mobility assistance
  • 10 women in Petty trading supported with various inputs and
  • 9 farmers received farm inputs support, 3 fertilizer, seeds, and plough (Ghc 200)
  • 2 metal containers were completed for 2 PWDs

The above beneficiaries comprised 17 females and 22 males; categorized disables made up of 25 physical, 8 visual, 2 speech/hearing, and 4 mental/Epileptic categories

  • PWD Data Collation/Update according to Electoral Areas:

To ensure that beneficiaries are fairly selected from the whole municipality, the office undertook an update of the PWD data according to the Electoral Areas of the Assembly to inform subsequent support.

The outcome was that about 12 Electoral area data was collated and validated with the Assembly member or an opinion leader of the Area. In this regard, a total of 499 were made up of 245 female and 254 male PWDs.

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