Zonal RELC Sessions and Annual crop sentization

Zonal RELC Sessions organized: Regional Extension and Learning Centers (RELCs) have organized sessions within specific zones. RELCs are institutions or centers established to provide agricultural extension services, education, and training to farmers and rural communities. These sessions could involve workshops, seminars, or meetings aimed at disseminating agricultural knowledge, sharing best practices, addressing challenges, and promoting innovation among farmers and stakeholders within a particular geographic zone.

Annual crop and livestock survey (Household listings): A survey is conducted annually to collect data on crops and livestock at the household level. These surveys typically involve enumerators visiting households within a specified area to gather information on the types of crops grown, livestock raised, land use patterns, agricultural practices, and other relevant socio-economic factors. The data collected from these surveys are valuable for agricultural planning, policy-making, research, and development interventions aimed at improving agricultural productivity, food security, and rural livelihoods.

Both activities are essential components of agricultural development and rural extension efforts, contributing to informed decision-making, capacity-building, and sustainable agricultural practices at the community and regional levels.

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