Women Empowerment Training seminars

Women Empowerment Training seminars were organised to train them in Soap prepation and Shea Picking

Trained women FBOs on preparation of soap: A training program was conducted to teach women who are part of Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs) how to prepare soap. Soap-making can be a valuable skill for rural communities, providing them with a means to produce a useful product for personal hygiene and potentially even for income generation through sales.

Trained women on shea picking: Women were trained in the process of picking shea nuts. Shea nuts are the fruits of the shea tree, which are harvested for their kernels. These kernels are then processed to extract shea butter, which has various uses in cosmetics, cooking, and traditional medicine. Training women on shea picking not only empowers them with a practical skill but also contributes to the sustainable harvesting of shea nuts, which are often a key source of income for rural communities in certain regions.

These activities demonstrate efforts to equip women with practical skills that can improve their livelihoods and contribute to community development.

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