This Department ensures that the appropriate processes are engaged to enable staff with requisite background for various types of work in the Secretariat, RCCs and MMDAs are recruited, motivated and developed on a continuous basis for the efficient discharge of their duties.

The Department also ensures that approved personnel policies in the Secretariat, RCCs and MMDAs on employment, personnel records and wages and salaries administration are translated into good management practices and effectively carried out.

i.   Human Resource Planning Unit: – This Unit initiates strategies and facilitates the career planning of staff of the Local Government Service. This involves regular deployment, secondments, postings, transfers, and development of Schemes of Service;

ii.   Recruitment and Selection Unit: -The unit facilitates the placement processes of applicants and draws up recruitment plans for the LGS. The unit is also responsible for orientation of staff;

iii.  Salary Administration Unit: –The Unit is responsible for the processing of input forms for employee salaries. It also identifies and addresses issues of Salary distortions.